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Subscription to PREDetector Unlimited

My advantages

Users that will subscribe to 'PREDetector Unlimited' will have access to a series of options that require storage space such as i) the number of genome sequences downloaded, ii) the number of position weight matrices in their private repository, and iii) conservation of all prediction jobs performed.

Subscribing users will also immediately benefit of the new upcoming options that will be implemented in the further versions of the PREDetector software.

Subscribing to the 'Unlimited PREDetector' version is considered as a support of users for maintaining the tool and the further development of the software and therefore subscribing users will benefit from services of the team at identifying and solving specific problems associated with their genome of interest.

Extra services

Finally, users that subscribed to 'PREDetector Unlimited' will benefit of a discount to 'extra' services that would be asked to the PREDetector team such as genome assembly, genome annotation, and prediction jobs on your own genome sequences or genomes unavailable from public repositories.

How to subscribe ?
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