How does it work?

The online PREDetector web interface is divided in three tabs, namely Sequences, Matrices, and Regulon predictions. Here below a series of 4 tutorials to assist users in learning how to use the different parts of the software, modify the screening parameters, interpret and save the data. You can access to the publication refering to PREDetector version 2.0 at

Video #1 The 'Sequences' tab

Users start from the first tab - Sequences - where bacterial genomes can be selected from a daily updated repository database.

Video #2 The 'Matrices' tab

In the second tab called Matrices, users select a list of sequences associated with their TF of interest that are available from public libraries of TF binding sites, or create their own matrix by manually providing a set of same-length sequences.

Video #3 The 'Regulon predictions' tab

At the Regulon prediction tab a couple of options are proposed prior to starting the DNA motif identification work. Once these parameters are fixed, users select a genome/matrix couple and ask the software to start identifying DNA motifs in the organism of interest.

Video #4 'Data visualization and reporting'

Job performed are stored in ‘My predictions’ box. The new version of PREDetector proposes two interactive graphical outputs of the prediction results in addition to a table that lists the identified hits. This 4th video provides users assistance on how to use the interactive output interface, and save the data.